Healthy Nutrition

I know I mentioned on an previous page that 85% of what doctors see patients for is stress related issues. From their perspective I can see how that is true. However, as a nutrition counselor and a person who loves food, I can see clearly how the food choices we make undermine our health and make our ability to deal with stress even more difficult.

Example: one major result of stress is insomnia. When we go through the day tired we often reach for food that is high in sugar and/or carbs as a way to get energy. We go up and then we crash so we eat some more. Or, even better, we have an energy drink that gives us that “5 hour” high, except our adrenals don’t come down in 5 hours. They continue to pump for hours after we feel the effect of the drink. So we are exhausted and go to bed, except our body can’t stop producing adrenaline so we can sleep. And the cycle continues into the next day, week, month, etc.

So, you see how food can exacerbate the stress related problem from that example. When we eat a diet that gives us the nutrition that we need to go through the day we stand a better chance of getting good rest at night. When we rest we have a better chance at fending off illness and other stress related problems.

Small changes can make a big difference in our health and our dealings with stress. If you’re willing to make those changes I can show you how.