Alternate Cancer Options

Preventative care: The first best alternative cancer option is limiting your exposure to toxins. This includes not smoking, eating organic and farm fresh foods, drinking and bathing in filtered water and getting enough rest to let your body fight illness and disease.Sounds like a lot, I know. But it’s a lifestyle choice that you make one thing at a time. Start with a good water filter for your shower and drinking water. The amount of toxic “sludge” you take in through your pores and drinking water is staggering.

Or consider where your food comes from. If you’re buying agri-raise meats and dairy products you’re also buying antibiotics, growth hormones and lots of added fat compared to a grass fed animal products. These products not only pollute your body with things you don’t need drug-wise, but the production of these products pollute the earth, ground water supply and air. It’s a lose/lose situation, for you and the animals involved.

The next best option for cancer prevention:  early detection. Go for an annual check-up if you have insurance. Find a program that will assist the cost of one if you don’t. See a massage therapist or acupuncturist, priest or spiritual counselor for stress management. Stress kills, that’s a fact. But you can reduce your risk by managing your stress.

Exercise; play sports, dance, swim or ride your bike. Exercise does not have to be strenuous to be effective. It does need to be done consistently a few times a week, however, and it should be something you enjoy not something you dread. So pick an activity and factor it into your life.

There are so many options for self-care. I can guide you to them and support you in your choices. But everyone would agree the best alternative cancer option is to not get cancer. Do what you can to prevent it. There’s a lot you can do.