Acupuncture for Yoga Practitioners

With a strong background in both yoga and dance I understand the frustration that can come from feeling stuck or unable to move with the ease and grace you know your body is capable of expressing.

Anatomy and movement are things I approach and investigate both personally and professionally. I have found that overuse, poor posture or physical conditions such as leg length discrepancy or scoliosis can lead to structural imbalances that impede our daily activities as well as our yoga practice. These structural imbalances can lead not only to constriction, but to injuries that just won¹t heal.

By first using massage and palpation to locate muscle restrictions and holding patterns I can then release trigger points using acupuncture. This combination lends itself to successfully treating structural imbalances that constrict motion.

The styles of acupuncture I practice to relieve these constriction are Trigger point release and motor point release. These are decidedly Western based approaches so I combine them with TCM acupuncture to round out the balance of the whole-body recovery to injury, trauma and stress and deliver you back to whole body wellness.