Acupuncture for Military Service Men and Women

This is a Community Acupuncture program for Military service men and women who have returned home and are in need of support. This group setting is a great way to get acquainted with acupuncture. I can help people dealing with PTSD, insomnia, panic attack, phantom limb pain and several other repercussions after returning from military service.

This style of acupuncture specifically targets the points on your body that help gently relieve pain and soften adrenal activity.  Using just a few points you will feel an overall sensation of relaxation and calm. By alleviating adrenal over-activity many people experience a significant reduction in pain and more restful sleep allowing the body to recover from injury, illness and the many effects of daily stress.

Because this is a group setting the fee ranges $20 or less based on a sliding scale. If you have specific issues you need addressed, an individual session can be scheduled. The fee for CA will be applied to the initial individual session.

This service is currently available in the Hudson Valley. Plans to expand service to the Manhattan will be determined by need. Contact me for  information.